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The Dawn Of A New Era: AXEON™ Non-PVC, Non-Phthalate High Density White 1843


International Coatings Company™ announces the release of its new AXEON™ High Density White 1843 Direct Print ink.  As part of its revolutionary AXEON™ line of non-PVC, non-Phthalate screen printing inks, the AXEON™ High Density White 1843 is perfect for creating dimensional and 3-D print effects on fabric.

The AXEON™ High Density White 1843 creates a heavy deposit and extremely sharp edges, especially when printed through thick stencils. It’s easy to create interest and texture on print designs using this ink. AXEON™ High Density White 1843 cures to a very soft, pliable film.

AXEON™ High Density White 1843 can be printed with manual as well as automatic presses and yields excellent wash-fastness on a variety of substrates, including cotton and cotton/poly blend fabrics.

Where To Get The Product:

AXEON™ High Density White 1843 is available through International Coatings’ exclusive network of distributor companies. For more information, contact International Coatings at 1 (800) 423-4103 (within the U.S. only) or 1 (562) 926-1010, or visit, for more information.

International Coatings manufactures a complete line of Centris™ non-Phthalate screen printing inks, including a wide variety of whitesspecialty inksspecial effects inks,color matching systemsadditives and reducers.  In addition, International Coatings also manufactures a line of AXEON™ non-Phthalate, non PVC special effects inks. For more information on our products, please visit our website at

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Be Prepared For Halloween & This Fall Season



With Fall and Halloween glooming upon us, it’s important to stock up on the appropriate inks and colors for the season.

If you’re looking to really spook your family and friends this Halloween, here’s a list of our recommended Halloween colors:

Here’s a list of some of our recommended Fall colors:


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Newly Improved Quart Containers!


Starting this month, we will be changing the quart containers of our International Coatings screen printing inks. The products will remain the same; what will be changing are the containers.

The main difference between the old and new containers is an improvement in the strength of the lid and container itself. You will also notice that they will no longer be opaque white in color, but a translucent natural. The translucent property of the container will help show the color of the ink inside. How cool is that?

You will continue to see some orders shipped in the white quart containers until we have exhausted the supply of the containers and products on the shelf.

We hope that you’ll love the change as much as we do!

International Coatings manufactures a complete line of phthalate-compliant screen printing inks, including a wide variety of whitesspecialty inksspecial effects inks,color matching systemsadditives and reducers.  For more information on our products, please visit our website at

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Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month with 7637 Pink


It is October and we are proud to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month with our specially formulated color: 7637 Pink. As part of the 7600 series, 7637 Pink is a non-phthalate, high performance color, formulated for ultra high speed wet-on-wet automatic printing.

Get some today!

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The Ultimate Bleed Blocker: Guardian Gray™ 7043


Combat Your Toughest Dye Migration With Guardian Gray™

International Coatings is proud to introduce its ultimate bleed blocker: Guardian Gray™ 7043.  Guardian Gray™ 7043 is a revolutionary bleed blocking underbase that protects against dye migration (bleeding) on even the toughest polyester and performance fabrics, including highly volatile sublimated polyester substrates such as camouflage prints.

Guardian Gray’s proprietary formula uses a unique hybrid technology to combat dye migration and stop it in its tracks.  In addition, Guardian Gray has a wide curing range of 275°F – 320°F (135°C – 160°C), making it suitable for use on a wide variety of ink system top coats and substrates. Guardian Gray is fast flashing and prints beautifully through 86-160 t/in (34-63 t/cm) screen mesh.

Recent beta tests at independent print companies delivered outstanding results. Guardian Gray™ 7043 was easier to work with than other bleed blockers tested and yielded better blocking results, especially with hard-to-block sublimated polyester fabrics.

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Why You Should Avoid Over-Flashing Ink

flash-2Here is a recent tip from Mark Brouillard that was published in Printwear:

Flashing ink is a standard practice in the industry, especially when printing a white underbase on a dark substrate. However, many printers are unaware that they actually can over-flash their inks. So what, you may ask? Isn’t the purpose of the flash to cure the ink so that other colors can be printed on top?

The purpose of the flash is to get the ink to a “gel” state so that the next coat of ink printed on top of it does not pick up the flashed color. It may also be used to help minimize the amount of wet ink accumulating at the back of the next screen. Most inks achieve a gelatinous state when the ink reaches 180 degrees F to 200 degrees F, depending on the ink. The ink film should just feel dry to the touch, not completely cured. Test the flash by slowly working up to the proper temperature.

As production progresses, keep an eye on the temperature as the platens heat up and the flash temperature or distance to the substrate may need to be adjusted. When the ink is over-flashed, it can cause inter-coat adhesion problems with the subsequent ink layers, meaning the other inks printed on top may not adhere fully to the over-flashed ink layer. The inks may become very tacky, peel off the over-flashed ink, or even partially wash off.

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