IC Inks Used Around ISS LB 2016

vastex02-HRBesides showcasing International Coatings ink at our own booth’s print demo, our inks were used at various booths around the show floor at the recent ISS Long Beach show.

Besides the M & R Booth (See image from previous post) printing with custom mixed colors using our 7500 UltraMix® Color Matching System, our inks were also used at the Vastex Booth (7600 Series and Legacy White 7014) on their manual press and the 700 Series were used on Anatol’s Automatic press.


Some of our distributors were also using our inks for print demos at their booth. McLogan used our 7600 Series inks for their print, and Ryonet used our 7100 Performance Pro™ Inks.


Ryonet’s print from ISS Long Beach

All in all, a busy show for us!

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Thanks To Our Sponsors At ISS Long Beach!

Bag-(3)ISS Long Beach was a great success for us, thanks in part to our sponsors who were generous enough to provide printing and promo materials for our booth.  So a big” Thank You” to the following sponsors:

McLogan Supply for organizing our BWM Manual Printer for the booth as well as supplying us with printing supplies!

BBC Industries for supplying us with your Air Flash Dryer.

J&M Supply for printing those great poly promo bags using our 900 Nylon Series inks to give away at our booth.




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Thank You For Coming By At ISS Long Beach!

Lion505-507Our ears are still buzzing from all the excitement this past weekend.  The show was packed, and we had tons of visitors at the booth.  “Thank You” to everyone who came by and said “hi.”

We printed our special AXEON Non-PVC, Non-Phthalate inks at the booth, including a white and Fluorescent yellow logo treatment and a Reflective lion print!

We’ll post more pics in the coming days.

A big “THANK YOU” to the students from Pasadena City College who came faithfully every day to print for us at our booth.  We appreciate your time and effort – You guys ROCK!!!



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Exciting Day at ISS Long Beach!

M&R-Long-Beach-Pantones-2We’ve had huge crowds come through the booth today, checking out our latest products and displays.  A big “thanks” also goes out to the tireless printers from Pasadena City College who helped us keep the print demos going all day long!

If you are in the area, please be sure to come by tomorrow Booth 1831 – the last day of the show!  Also check out the various print demos at M & R, Vastex, McLogan, and Anatol, all using our International Coatings’ inks.

Enjoy a FREE pass as our guest, simply enter promo code COATINGS.

See you there!

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ISS Long Beach Started Today!

20160121_180750Visit us at the Long Beach show this weekend and check out our cutting edge line of Axeon,  non-PVC inks, which have been very well received. Hurry on over to our booth #1831!

We’re featuring live print demos with our newest inks. See you there!

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ISS Long Beach 2016 This Week!


Pasadena City College SGIA Award Winning Student Prints

Join us at the ISS Long Beach Show 2016 Friday Jan 22 – Sunday Jan 24!  Our special guests this year will be award-winning students from Pasadena City College who will be printing in our booth. Come by Booth #1831 and check out what we have in store this year!

Get a FREE Pass to the show, courtesy of International Coatings.  Simply enter COATINGS as the Promo Code when prompted.

See you there!!


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AXEON™ Non-PVC Ultra Clear Glitter Base


AXEON 1259 Ultra Clear Glitter Base

AXEON™ Non-PVC, Non-Pthalate Inks – 1259 Ultra Clear Glitter Base

A sneak peak at one of the New special effects AXEON™ Non-PVC, Non-Pthalate Inks – 1259 Ultra Clear Glitter Base.

Come by our booth #1831 and check out all the new products we’ve been working on.  Take a tour and catch a print demo as well!

Click here for a FREE ISS show pass, courtesy of International Coatings.  Simply enter the password COATINGS when prompted.

International Coatings manufactures a complete line of non-phthalate screen printing inks, including a wide variety of whites, specialty inks, special effects inks, color matching systems, additives and reducers. For more information on our products, please visit our website at www.iccink.com.

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