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September 13, 2010 at 7:57 pm Leave a comment

There are many forums online where printers can go to find answers, but they may not address your specific problem.  So where else can one turn to?  Here is Kieth Stevens, International Coatings’ Western Regional Sales Manger with more on this subject:

“Every day we receive numerous calls and e-mails from customers regarding screen print matters or ink inquiries.  We love the interaction with our customers and do try to respond to each inquiry we receive.  Many of our customers come to the seminars and trade shows to ask us about specific problems they are encountering or to learn how to print on certain substrates or with certain inks. 

Why do we make ourselves so accessible?  I for one enjoy helping people in need.  It gives me some satisfaction to know that my 33 years of printing experience can help someone else.

 I have noticed a trend lately in that many printers assume the only way they can get great technical training is to pay dearly for the guidance from a professional.  Although there is nothing wrong with that and at times, may even be warranted, I just wanted to remind the reader that your product manufacturers also have a wealth of knowledge, FOR FREE!  Don’t get me wrong, printing classes are very useful, and we encourage as much education as possible, but if there are no classes at hand or you have specific questions that need immediate responses, there is alternative help.

With every quart or gallon of ink purchased, you have “paid” for our services.  With every yard of mesh, you have purchased technical support from that mesh’s manufacturer, and so on.  Just about every product manufacturer has a website chock full of information and most have an “800” number with customer service personnel or technicians standing by with answers to your questions.  

So please avail yourself of their services:  Feel free to call or click your way to a vast amount of info.  Go ahead and ask your local rep for some help; ask your rep if representatives from their ink, emulsion, mesh, or chemical manufacturers will be at their shops to do a seminar or a demo.  Tap into their knowledge base.  I’m sure most will be more than happy to help!”

For more on International Coatings’ products, please visit our website at www.iccink.com.


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