New “Recipe” – BlowOut Base & Metallic

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BlowOut Base with Metallic Silver

BlowOut Base with Metallic Silver

We have received a lot of questions regarding print techniques for some of the print samples we’ve posted at tradeshows as well as on the web, so we’ve asked Ed Branigan, our Print Applications Manager, to let us in on his technique for the spongy metallic print seen in this “mask” print.

The following “recipe” is written for automatic print production, but if you operate a manual, you only need 2 screens instead of the 3 mentioned below:

3810 BlowOut Base & 96 Metallic Print

3 Screens for automatic production set-up

1st Screen = 3810 Blow Out Base 90% + 7472 Black Color Concentrate 10%

86 Mesh, 300 Micron capillary film (Optional = depends on how much of a loft you would like to achieve with the BlowOut Base.  A thicker emulsion deposit may also work).


2nd Screen = Same as #1


3rd Screen = 96  Metallic Silver

110 Mesh

Cure @ 365 for 1 minute. 

BlowOut Base close-up

BlowOut Base close-up

Tip:   Be careful as you remove the garment from the dryer.  Make sure that the print does not fold on itself .  Also, when the ink is still hot, DO NOT TOUCH the print.  First of all, you will burn your fingers, secondly, like a souffle, the puffed up ink will deflate when pressed.  For best results, let the print cool down before stacking the garment or touching the print!

We would love to see some of your prints and designs, so email them to us!  We might add it to our Gallery.

For more on International Coatings’ ink products, go to  For emails, send messages to:


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