New Video: Screen Printing Simple Discharge

September 1, 2011 at 10:14 am Leave a comment

We have posted a new video on our IC TV YouTube channel, this time showcasing how easy it is to screen print using our water-base Discharge System (3707 Discharge & 3709 Activator).

We have received many inquiries regarding discharge, and whether it is hard to use.  In this video, Ed Branigan, International Coatings’ Print Applications Manager shows you step by step how to use discharge and how easy it is to print with.

This video shows how to print discharge on its own, but discharge can also be tinted with a water-base pigment (such as using our GEN IV Series inks).  Discharge is versatile and can be used as an under-base, as a design background, or simply as a design on its own.   Typically, add 3%-6% by weight of the 3709 Activator to the 3707 Discharge Base.  The important thing to remember about discharge:  Mix only enough of the base with the activator as needed for the print job.  The mixed ink has a pot life of approximately 6-8 hours only.  Also, be sure that the shirt you are printing on is dischargeable.

Watch for future video posts showcasing special effects techniques using discharge!

International Coatings manufactures a complete line of screen printing inks, including a wide variety of whites, specialty inks, special effects inks, color matching systems, additives and reducers.  For more information on our products, please visit our website at

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