Storing Plastisol Inks in Summer

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Hot Weather Ink Storage

Hot Weather Ink Storage Tips

As we start to head into the summer season and warmer temperatures it is important to remember a few things about plastisol ink storage.Plastisol  ink types cure through heat, so it is always advisable to store it in a cool room to avoid any heat-related issues. Here are some tips from John Levocz, recently published in Impressions, for properly storing plastisol inks:

– Always store inks away from exposed walls that face the afternoon sun. These walls will get very warm during the day, and ink stored against them will start to absorb this heat. Faster flashing inks, as well as lower cure inks for printing on polyester material, are increasingly popular and it does not take much for these inks to start the gel process.

– Avoid placing small containers (a gallon or less) on top of dryers and flash cure units while printing a job. While it is easier than bending over to pick up ink stored on the floor, it is important to remember that heat rises. Ink stored in this manner will start the gel process quickly and then become very thick and unusable.

– Always store ink as close to the floor as possible during the summer months, as this is the coolest place.

– Always stir ink before use to break down any false body that has occurred during storage. Also, make sure lids are placed securely back on the ink containers after use to avoid contamination.

John Levocz is North East regional sales manager for International Coatings.  John has more than 35 years of screen printing and industry experience.

International Coatings manufactures a complete line of phthalate-compliant screen printing inks, including a wide variety of whites, specialty inks, special effects inks, color matching systems, additives and reducers. For more information on our products, please visit our website at


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