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Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving!


As we celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays in the U.S., we want to extend our warmest thanks for allowing us to serve your ink product needs.

International Coatings will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and Friday, November 23rd and 24th. We will re-open for business on Monday, November 27th.

We wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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“The Dawn Of A New Era” – AXEON™ UltraMix® 1200 Series Color Mixing System

The Next Evolution!

International Coatings Company™ proudly announces the release of its new AXEON™ UltraMix® 1200 Series Non-PVC Pantone® Color System. AXEON™ UltraMix® 1200 Series is ground breaking in that it prints just like regular plastisol inks, including printing wet-on-wet. AXEON™ UltraMix® 1200 Series consists of 19 non-PVC, non-phthalate high performance primary colors, plus an extender base. Together, they create vibrant Pantone® color simulations with optimum color strength.  International Coatings’ UltraMix® online Pantone® color matching software makes it easy to mix any Pantone® color.

AXEON™ UltraMix® 1200 Series inks are creamy and smooth, and formulated for ultra-high speed wet-on-wet automatic printing through standard and fine mesh counts. This allows printers to boost production speeds and overall efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Axeon Colors 4


“We took particular care to develop this first of its kind non-PVC color matching system” stated Mark Brouillard, International Coatings’ Print Product Manager. “This new system has plastisol-like functionality and doesn’t require the printer to compromise performance and appearance.”

AXEON™ UltraMix® 1200 Series Non-PVC Pantone® Color System has been beta-tested by several large U.S. and international printers, and has received rave reviews.  Here is what they had to say:

“I am amazed that this is a non-PVC ink. The best system I’ve tried so far. It’s so easy to print, smooth and soft to the touch.”

“I can’t believe we don’t have to flash after every color! This is the system we’ve been waiting for. We can now offer multi-colors and have room on the printer to include a special effect.”

“Can I give you my order before you leave? This ink is really fantastic.”

DiaDeLosMuertos-AxeonComplete Non-PVC Product Line

AXEON™ UltraMix® 1200 Series is complemented with a Printing Cotton White (1244), Highlight White (1250), Low Bleed White (1248), Guardian Black™ bleed blocker (1240) and 18 special effects inks – all non-PVC, non-Phthalate.

AXEON™ UltraMix® 1200 Series Non-PVC Pantone® Color System is available through International Coatings’ exclusive network of distributor companies. Contact us today for more info!

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Celebrate Veteran’s Day!

VeteransDay 2017

In honor of Veteran’s Day, International Coatings would like to give thanks to all the brave veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice and have fought to protect our nation as well as all who are currently serving. We are grateful for your service!


November 10, 2017 at 1:23 pm 1 comment

Golden Image Award Win for Eagle Rock High School


Congratulations to Eagle Rock High School on their GOLD win in the prestigious Golden Image Award competitions at the recent SGIA EXPO 2017 in New Orleans.

This year, the competition was fierce with more than 300 entries competing in various product categories. The Golden Image competition is judged on the technical accomplishments of each entry, excluding aesthetic issues from the evaluation and scoring process. Prints are judged on the level of difficulty and quality of execution.

The winning print used International Coatings’ pink plastisol ink as well as the Optilux® 507 Reflective ink, printed through 110 mesh with a 80 durometer squeegee and flashed between colors.

Great job!

November 2, 2017 at 5:10 am 1 comment

AXEON™ Glow-in-the-Dark 1808


axeonglow1808-2‘Tis the season…

AXEON™ Glow-in-the-Dark 1808 is a non-PVC screen printing ink that produces a bright, greenish glow when exposed to light and viewed in a darkened area. Incorporating AXEON™ Glow-in-the-Dark 1808 to an artwork and design is an effective way to add flair to any print.

International Coatings’ release of Glow- in-the Dark 1808 comes with the holiday season right around the corner. AXEON™ Glow-in-the-Dark 1808 offers a vibrant phosphorescent glow that draws attention in any nighttime setting. It can be used as a stand-alone ink or in conjunction with other inks to create an intense “glow” effect.

AXEON™ Glow-in-the-Dark 1808 is available through International Coatings’ exclusive network of distributor companies.

For more information, contact International Coatings at 1 (800) 423-4103 (within the U.S. only) or 1 (562) 926-1010, or visit, for more information. 

About International Coatings

 For over 59 years, quality products, innovation and superior customer service have been the hallmarks of International Coatings Company™.  International Coatings is a pioneer in the production of vinyl and urethane plastics, specialty coatings and adhesives, and a leader in the development of textile screen-printing inks.  International Coatings has the product line, formulation capabilities and experience to make your ideas a reality.  For more information, please visit



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Part of the staff taking a moment to cheer-on and show their support for our very own Los Angeles Dodgers! Game 1, World Series 2017.

International Coatings manufactures a complete line of Centris™ non-Phthalate screen printing inks, including a wide variety of whitesspecialty inksspecial effects inks,color matching systemsadditives and reducers.  In addition, International Coatings also manufactures a line of AXEON™ non-Phthalate, non-PVC special effects inks. For more information on our products, please visit our website at

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Special Effects Inks Based on Skill Level

Special Effects Inks (Printwear)

In a recent article published by Printwear Magazine, Kieth Stevens explains the use  of special effect inks based on one’s level of printing expertise.

Let’s talk about the different inks available for special effects. For the beginner, puff or suede inks can add a simple wow to an image. I also like to use a glow-in-the-dark ink, as it is one of the simplest inks to work with and it is very easy to use.

For the intermediate printer, try glitter or shimmer inks. Glitter prints come out best when you build up a thicker emulsion layer on the shirt side of the lowest mesh count screen required to pass the glitter. This allows the glitter ink to flow beneath the threads of the mesh and fill in the voids. Otherwise, it will look like a checkerboard. Also, try light-reflective inks. They are on the costly side but lend a cool effect when correctly used. Try it in an outline of a design for that extra something.

For the more advanced printer, try high-density inks or color-changing inks called photo chromatic inks. With high-density effects, make sure you use a high-quality ink. One thing that I frequently see when I’m working with customers who use a low quality, high-density ink is that the ink will start liquefying on-press. What I mean is, the ink starts out good and creamy but will drop in thickness as the print runs continuously; usually after about 100 prints or so. This is more noticeable on long runs and automatics.

Usually, a quality high-density ink starts out almost too thick, but as it is stirred, it becomes just printable. After a few print strokes, it should come out just right. Don’t try to save money on a project by using inferior inks. The money that is saved by the less expensive ink will surely cost more in the long run due to delays in the job from all the downtime trying to get the ink to work well.

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